Wine of the Month Club Review

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Over the years we’ve reviewed hundreds of different wine of the month clubs and found the 1972 established Wine of the Month Club to be one of the best in regards to wine quality, variety,...


Laithwaites Wine Club Review

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Wine Club Directory’s Pick for #1 Best Wine Club of 2014 Over the last 12 years we’ve reviewed 100’s of different monthly wine clubs and found Laithwaites (formerly known as the...

Plonk Wine Club Review

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Back in 2000 I started sharing my perspective on the many wine clubs that were popular at the time and I’m happy to say that after all these years, I still love my job! At first I thought all...


Uncorked Ventures Wine Club Review

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After 10 years of reviewing wine clubs, we finally found one that focuses specifically on bringing exceptional wines (90+ point wines) from small and boutique wineries straight to your door. These...

Gold Medal Wine Clubs

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Unlike other wine clubs, the Gold Medal Wine Club doesn’t choose wines based solely on their palate preferences. Instead, all the wines featured in their 5 Wine Club Series must meet strict...


Wall Street Journal Wine Club Review

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10 years ago we started testing wine clubs and have since reviewed over one hundred of them. Whether it’s an international wine club or a California wine club, we’ve been there. Now...

Virgin Wine Club Review

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With 10 years under its belt, the Virgin Wine Club is not the newest wine club, but it’s definitely a Top 10 Wine Club for us thanks to their great wine picks. All of which we hear are tasted...

Gourmet Monthly Wine Club Review

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For over the 10 years now we’ve been testing and reviewing wine clubs from around the world and have discovered that the Gourmet Monthly Wine Club does an excellent job of finding...

Celebrations Wine Club Review

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With over 20 years of experience in the wine club industry, it’s hard to believe anything could go wrong with this wine club. Luckily, in all the years we’ve been members, we’ve...

California Wine Club Review

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My family has been a member of the California Wine Club for years now and we absolutely love sampling the best that California has to offer every month. From great bottles of Merlot to fantastic...